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Conveyor Belt Misalignment Switch VG

Resource Industry Solutions Misalignment Switch VG


Kiepe Belt Misalignment Switches are used in conveyor installations for monitoring the true running of conveyor belts. The switches, when mounted at the running edges of a conveyor belt, will be operated if the belt deviates from it’s designed running line by more than a permissible distance.

The switches will then stop the conveyor drive, avoiding spillage of material or damage to the plant. The Belt Misalignment Switches can be optionally supplied with a pre-alarm position for an alert signal at slight deviation and a final cut-out and lock.


The switch enclosure consists of corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy. All external parts are either of stainless steel or have been especially plated. The actuating roller is of polyamide. All VGtypes are fitted with snap acting switches. The actuating head is removable from the main switch body and may be re-fitted in any of four positions. This, together with re-positioning of the switch trip bar allows the actuating roller to operate in any of four directions giving greater mounting versatility. All this will insure extremely safe operation, permitting to use the switch for severe operation and in outdoor installations.

No maintenance will be required. For the Models VG…/5 and 6 the switching point has been set at the manufacturer’s plant to approx. 12° from vertical and can be continuously readjusted in the field. The Model VG…/6 switch will latch as the admissible amount of out-of-line running is exceeded. It is unlatched locally by resetting the actuating roller. The VG 133/6 switch is equipped with two snap acting switches. An alert signal will be provided at approx. 12°, the final cut-out and latch will occur at 45°. For unlatching, the actuating roller is reset by hand.


Device complies with: EN 60947-5-1

Enclosure: Aluminum GK-AISi 12

Finish: 2 – Component DD – tile enamel, yellow

Fastening: By means 2 oblong holes for M6 bolts

Cable Entry: 3 x M20 x 1,5

Protection: IP 65 according to EN 60529

Rated Insulation Voltage Ui: AC 380 V / DC 440 V

Earthing: Within Enclosure M5

Admissible Ambient Temperatures 1): – 25 °C … + 70 °C

Switching Elements: Snap acting Switches

Number of Contacts: 1 NC + 1 NO or 2 NC + 2 NO

Conventional Thermal Current Ith: 10 A

Breaking Capacity Ie / Ue: 5 A / AC 250 V

Operation per Hour: 1500

Connections: Screw clamp terminals for a wire gauge of 2,5 mm2

Mechanical Life: 3 x 10(6) Switching Cycles

Type of Operation: Actuating Roller; with or without latch

Actuating Roller: Polyamid 25 mm diameter

Switching Point: At approx. 12° from vertical. With devices designed for pre-alarm, this alarm will be tripped at approx. 12° without latching action, whereas cut-out will occur at 45°, with the device then being latched

Excursion: 90° max.

Mounting: Position vertical

Maintenance free Options: Ventilation duct to avoid condensation


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