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Conveyor Belt-Misalignment Switch SEL

Resource Industry Solutions Conveyor Belt Misalignment Switch SEL


KIEPE belt misalignment switches of type SEL are designed for heavy duty application and used at fixed belt conveyors according to DIN EN 620 requirements in order to keep the risk of unintentional operation as low as possible. The lateral movement of the conveyor belt is monitored and by switching off the conveyor in the case of unacceptable belt drift, the belt monitoring prevents damage and destruction of the belt and the machine.

The Kiepe misalignment switch type SEL complies with the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC. It features a robust cast iron housing and is equipped with 2 force-actuated changeover contacts with snap-action function with two settable switching points.

Note: The misalignment switch may only be used in control circuits.


Inadmissible belt drift occurs when the belt edge approaches the end of the supporting rollers through lateral movement and surpasses it. Then the actuator (roller lever) is operated and displaced. In the case of displacement of the actuator, the cam operating switches are activated.

The switching angle can be set via an adjustable camshaft. In this way, a pre-warning can be implemented in addition to the safety shutdown. As soon as the belt moves correctly , the roller lever will automatically return to its home position.


Designation: Misalignment Switch Type SEL

Type of actuation: Bidirectional

Complies with: DIN EN 60204-1; DIN EN 60947-5-1; EN 620

Suited for: Control units and systems in accordance with DIN EN 60204


Enclosure: Cast iron: EN-GJL-200

Finish: DD-paint yellow, RAL 1004

Actuating lever: Stainless steel; ∅ 50.5 mm, ball-beared roller

Mounting: 2 slotted holes for M10 screws.

Installation position:Horizontal, tilt angle up to about 30°

Deflection of roller lever: Maximum +/-75°

Mechanical reliability: > 10,000 actuations

Weight: 5.5 kg.

Electrical System

Switching system: 2 changeover contacts (SPDT with snap action); cam operated positive-making switches; self-cleaning

Switching range: 5°…15° and 15°…35°, adjustable, factory set at 10 degrees each

Cable entry: Threaded holes 2x M25 x 1.5 with each 1x screwed cable gland: sealing area Ø 11 mm to Ø 16 mm; 1x dummy screw.

Utilization category: 

AC-15: 230 V; 1.5 A

DC-13: 60 V; 0.5 A

DC-13: 24 V; 2 A

Connection cross section: 1 mm2 to 2,5 mm2

Protective conductor connection:in the casing; M4; Class I: protective earthing

Rated insulation voltage Ui: 250V

Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp: 2.5 kV, degree of pollution III

Conventional thermal current Ith: 6A

Contact reliability: 30,000 operations with 100% Ie

Ambient conditions

Permissible ambient temperature: -25°C.. + 70°C

Protection Rating:IP65 / IP67 in accordance with EN 60529


Type SEL 1 misalignment switches are fastened in installation position on a substructure with 2 M10 screws each. In the case of misalignment, the belt 2 must not leave the lateral guide rollers. The position of the misalignment switches shall be chosen such that the belt 2 makes contact with the actuation roller of the misalignment switch preferably perpendicularly. The actuation roller of the misalignment switch is not touched during normal operation.

The roller lever can be replaced and can be affixed freely in the directions of rotation on the switch axis.

The electrical connection is made directly at the screw joints of the switching elements in the housing via the cable gland, included in the delivery. A second cable gland is possible when replacing the screw plug on the opposite site.


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